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What is going here in India Idol ….. Consecutive four gala round and four gals hav been out from Indian Idol ….

Who is responsible for that ?? judge…..but they are giving right judgment and very few time they comments on girls .

Boys ..who send the SMS …… cos its by nature that boys are interested to send sms to girls only

then …Girls are not so talented …..???

leave your comments …..


well…unlike other times this time vote out was not at all surprising…tulika u also know u were the weakest, and as it is u are one of the weakest singers alongwith remo, kuldeep, kapil and priyanka. i wish they also leave soon…it”s been too much now…and deserving people like torsha/bhavya/rajdeep/prasenjit shud b the idol…tulika u r not at al a trained singer and on top of that u got more focussed on mohit and picking up fight with priyanka…i guess so u also know that u deserve this…infact it shud have happened long bak…when ananya can leave u r nowhere nearby her…and am sure u have learnt a lesson….that skin show and cheap publicity by roping in mohit (who is getting better with time) do not help in long run…u have always been exposing the most among all contestants…and gal publicity doesn;t pay for long…so i hope next time u wl be cautious wherever you try to drop in…good luck…only thing i liked about u is your confidence…keep it up !!!

I had written a post long ago “Bhanu tune ye kya kiya ” ..SO this time I am lacking for this title . How can a man who looks so calm , simple ….can say these tough words ???

How can a true Indian who belongs to Rajasthan and a Rajput family ,Where Women is just after the GOD ….can say words ” Jute se marunga ” . These words ,I dont think is said for publicity or just because of stress ……..hav written a farewell speech for Bhanu . I am a great fan of Bhanu ,but now I should think myself that wat was I m doing .

If it is Sony’s effort to increase their TRP ,then its a big challange for our entertainment industry . How can they broadcast the thing like this . Sony just trying to make relation between two girls and a guy,Even after girls are publicly saying that there is not aim apart from the Idol .

I think we are not ready for seeing this type of drama , we just want a Idol …….. no metter wat relation they hav or not …

Bhanu ……please please dont do it again . You hav to apologize in front of whole women community . I believe u ll do it .

This is very frustrating to see going out Ananya !!! Its really voting result which is showing the worst knowledge of audience or its again a publicity stunt of Sony TV ……… Please dont do this to this great singer n dancer ……!!!

Please call back Ananya …..

Rajdeep means: Raja ka beta
About myself: I am a simple and straight guy, honest from the heart and uncomplicated. I have been singing since I was two and half years. I took part in my first competition when I was 8 years old
Family: Parents and a brother. I am closest to my parents
Inspiration: Manna Dey
Fear: Scared of nothing in particular
Strength: My studies in music
One thing I would like to change in myself: I would like to change my short temper
If I become the Indian idol, I will: Hand over the prize money to my parents
Pals on Indian Idol 4: No one in particular. I like Parashar, Priyanka didi and Tulika didi
Indian Idol judge I am most scared of: Annu Malek and his comments

About myself: I am 17 and studying in 11th standard (commerce)
Family: Parents and elder brother. I am closest to my brother
Achievement: Dimapur Idol
Inspiration: Sonu Niigaam—he is my god
Fear: Scared of being alone
One thing I would like to change about myself: My physique
Pals on Indian Idol 4: Kapil and Sreejita

Kuldeep Singh Chauhan means: Vansh ka Deepak
About myself: I am from Bandha in UP and trained in Lucknow for 11 years. I have been doing stage performances since I was eight years old
Family: Parents, two sisters and a younger brother. I am closest to my mother
Dream: To be a successful playback singer
Inspiration: Sonu Niigaam
Fear: Snakes
If I become the Indian Idol, I will: Build a Sai Baba mandir in Bandha. I have a blind relative and I would also like to get her treated
Indian Idol judge I am most scared of: Annu Malek
Pals on Indian Idol 4: Mohit, Charit and Pranav
One thing would like to change in myself: I would like to change the fact that I take people at face value

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